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Rainscreen & Cladding Systems

Southern Maze installers have worked on all kinds of rainscreen and exterior cladding construction project. We are not tied to any particular manufacturer or supplier, and are experienced with many types of cladding and rainscreen systems.

Rainscreen systems comprise an external weathering layer with unsealed joints carried on an adjustable carrier system. Insulation is secured to the internal skin (Cement Particle Board). The zone between the insulation and rainscreen is ventilated and drained. The simple principle is that any water breaching the joints loses energy and drains from within the cavity.

Terracotta tiling

Terracotta tile rainscreen is an attractive and hard wearing exterior cladding system. It offers ease of maintenance, as any damaged tiles can be replaced individually. Different sized and coloured tiles are available to suit any specification requirements.

Terracotta tile rainscreen

Trespa/Eternit cladding

Trespa and Eternit produce high performance, high quality panels for exterior cladding, decorative facades and interior surfaces. These panel systems provide architects, designers, installers and users with innovative, aesthetically pleasing and high performance solutions to meet virtually any specification, and for almost any application.

Trespa/Eternit cladding

Timber cladding

We have installed many different types of timber rainscreen cladding, including Western red cedar and Siberian larch, on all types of construction project. Timber cladding is often used in combination with other types of rainscreen, such as terracotta tiling and insulated render.

Timber cladding

Metal panel

Metal panel rainscreen can provide an attractive exterior finish for many types of construction project. Metal rainscreen is a versatile system, and can be used to give a building a uniform, high quality appearance. It can also be used on complex architectural features, such as curved walls, and combined with glass panelling or other rainscreen systems, as required.

Metal panel

Brick Slips

Used an as alternative to complete bricks, where a brick finish is required, brick slip tiles can be applied to blockwork or light gauge steel frame constructions. Brick slips are a popular choice for housing associations and councils, as they have anti-vandalism and are easy to maintain.



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