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Insulated Render Systems

Insulated render systems are a cost efficient form of exterior cladding, and can come in at less than half the cost of terracotta and metal rainscreen cladding systems. Insulated render is extremely energy efficient, cutting heating requirements and preventing the release of CO2 emissions. Formed from sheets of insulation cladding, covered with hand/applied render, insulated render systems are used to provide flat wall finishes on many type of construction project.

The surface render can be painted or 'through-coloured' in virtually any shade, which will enable it to retain its appearance if chipped or slightly damaged. It is easy to maintain and can be repaired easily, when needed. It is also easy to clean, and can be repainted easily and at low cost if required.

Insulated render systems have had a successful track record in the UK and throughout Europe for over 30 years. The systems have undergone rigorous testing, and have an expected life in excess of 50 years if properly maintained.

Insulated render can be applied to all types of substrate, such as cement particle board, concrete, blockwork or as part of a light gauge steel frame construction. Southern Maze has extensive experience in installing insulated render systems from the leading manufacturers and suppliers. Call us today to see how our experience can help with your construction project.


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